Demonstration dispenser IG-1500D

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Digital or manual controlled dispenser IG-1500D, Air-out: 0,1 - 7 bar (Successor to our... more
Product information "Demonstration dispenser IG-1500D"

Digital or manual controlled dispenser IG-1500D, Air-out: 0,1 - 7 bar
(Successor to our IG-FU1000T)

ATTENTION!  Demonstration devices show slight signs of wear and external paint damage.

With our dispenser IG-1500D, automatic dispensing is carried out via the digital setting of the time range
between 0.001 and 99.99 seconds.

Alternatively, the unit can be operated manually with the time setting "0000".
Dispensing continues as long as the foot pedal or the finger switch is actuated.

To avoid dripping of low-viscosity media, the dispenser is equipped with a vacuum retention system.

It is ready for operation in just a few steps and works maintenance-free.

The accessories included in the sales price allow easy connection to the compressed air network and immediate start of a dispensing job.


Characteristics of the IG-1500D:

  • 2 operating modes: manually / digitally time - controlled
  • Controlled via foot pedal or finger switch (both included)
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Automatic timer memory
  • Timer with 4-digit digital display
  • Wide range of application
  • Dropping prevention with vacuum suck-back retention
  • 2 years warranty

Applications for IG-1500D 0,1 - 7 bar
low to high viscosity materials (single and multi component):

  • Cyanoacrylates
  • Silikones
  • Solder paste
  • Adhesives
  • Greases
  • UV-adhesives
  • Oils
  • Casting compound
  • and many more

Optionally, the following accessories can be ordered:

Array more
Dimensions: 22,0 x 21,0 x 6,8 cm
Dispensing time: 0,001 – 99,99 sec.
Time setting: digitally
Operating modes: manually or time-controlled
Vacuum suck-back: yes
Power supply: 230 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
Program positions: 0
Input pressure: 5 – 7 bar
Output pressure: 0,1 – 7 bar
Standards: CE marking
Weight [kg]: 2,2 kg
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