Hand dispensing system 2-comp 50ml

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  • IG-SDV50-1-1
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The SDV-50 2-component hand dispensing system allows easy dispensing of 2-component materials... more
Product information "Hand dispensing system 2-comp 50ml"

The SDV-50 2-component hand dispensing system allows easy dispensing of 2-component materials directly from the 50ml cartridges using our time-pressure dispensers. This offers the advantage that the control can be much more precise and easier than with conventional dosing guns.

The 2-component hand dispensing system SDV-50 is available for 2c-50ml syringe barrels of the system "A", in the mixing ratios 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1.
Note: NOT suitable for "UHU-2-component syringe barrels" (these are barrels with a wide flange).

For dental cartridges (these are cartridges with a wider flange like the "UHU double cartridges") use our optionally available holder for dental cartridges: IG-SDV-50-DENT-1-1

You will find more in our range of holders for cartridges System B. IG-SDV-50-SYSB-1-2 / IG-SDV-50-SYSB-1-1

The hand dispensing system SDV-50 is easily equipped with the 2-c syringe barrel (see also our application video) and connected to the compressed air outlet of the dispenser.

By pressing the foot pedal, the dispensing process is triggered: either in manual mode (material is dispensed as long as you hold down the footswitch), or timed (one time triggering the foot pedal - the dispensing unit dispense as long as the time you set).

Due to the compact design, the hand dispensing system SDV-50 can be easily guided by hand. Alternatively, the SDV-50 manual dispensing system can be mounted on a stand: in this case, you simply move your workpiece under the mixing tube.

For a syringe barrel change, the pistons must be pulled back out of the syringe barrel. This is done by means of the vacuum regulator of the dispenser: open the vacuum regulator completely and the pistons are pulled out of the syringe barrel. Then the cartridge holder can be removed laterally to insert a new syringe barrel.