Peristaltic pump dispenser IG-FU800

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Peristaltic pump The peristaltic pump IG-FU800 is suitable for dispensing work in places... more
Product information "Peristaltic pump dispenser IG-FU800"

Peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pump IG-FU800 is suitable for dispensing work in places where no compressed air is available. Low-viscosity media (viscosity below 10,000 CPS) Cyanoacrylates or UV-acrylates can be metered very precisely and in very small increments by the peristaltic pump principle. For this purpose, a rotation number and -speed is adjusted to match the medium to be dispensed.
With optimally set rotational number and -speed, the same amount of material can be continuously dispensed.
After the dispensing cycle, an optional automatic material retraction (= short rotation in the opposite direction) can be set to prevent dripping of the dispensing material.
Further advantage of this peristaltic pump is that you can suck the material to be dispensed directly from the original container (bottle, can, glass). Therefore, the risk of contamination of the employee or the pollution of the workplace is largely avoided because the material no longer needs to be repackaged or refilled.

The medium to be dispensed does not come into contact with the system itself, which makes it maintenance free. After completion of the work, the hose can be cleaned out by reversing the pumping direction.

The hand pen with release button is included in the delivery. The hose is not included in the delivery, because it is designed according to your application. Likewise, in some applications it is necessary to supply the dispensing material with low pre-pressure. We are glad to provide the necessary solutions for you!

!! Contact us in this regard - we are glad to help you with the selection of suitable accessories !!


    • Dispensing without compressed air
    • Definable material retraction to prevent dripping
    • Dispense manually or by setting the number of revolutions and speed
    • Digital display of the rotation angle and speed
    • Dispense directly from the original container
    • Adjustable rotor speed
    • Finger switch on the dispensing pen

Further details can be found in our operating instruction (PDF).

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Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 9 cm
Operating modes: manually or quantity-controlled
Vacuum suck-back: no
Power supply: 230 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
Program positions: 0
Weight [kg]: 3 kg