Loandispenser IG-1113D 0-1 Bar

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Note: The loan of the dispenser is free of charge, only the shipping costs will be charged. If... more
Product information "Loandispenser IG-1113D 0-1 Bar"

Note: The loan of the dispenser is free of charge, only the shipping costs will be charged.

If you would like to test our dispenser for your application in advance, we will gladly provide you with a new dispenser as a loaner. You have the possibility to test the device for about one week free of charge (only the shipping costs will be charged). Everything necessary for the immediate start of your dispensing work is already included with the device!
The dispenser you get is a completely new device. If you are satisfied you can keep it and continue your dispensing process without further delay. We will simply send you the invoice.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return the dispenser to us using the original packaging. In this case please let us know in advance - we may be able to suggest an alternative dispensing solution for your application or we can give you other helpful tips.

The device will be checked by us on receipt for function and damages. If the device does not work or should be damaged, we will charge you for replacement parts / repair.
The used or dirty dispensing accessories (dispensing tips, syringe barrels) do not have to be returned to us and will also not be charged by us!

We hope you enjoy the risk-free testing of our dispensers!

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Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 7,5 cm
Dispensing time: 0,01 - 8 sec.
Time setting: analogue
Operating modes: manually or time-controlled
Vacuum suck-back: yes
Power supply: 230 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
Program positions: 0
Input pressure: 5 – 7 bar
Output pressure: 0,1 – 1 bar
Standards: CE marking
Weight [kg]: 2,2 kg