Material test

Material test
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-) Can my material be applied in small quantities and repeatable ? -) Can I dose it... more
Product information "Material test"

-) Can my material be applied in small quantities and repeatable?
-) Can I dose it directly from the original container?
-) Can my material be permanently exposed to compressed air or does it harden when exposed to air??
-) How long can it be stored in cartridges or pressure tanks?
-) Does it harden in the dispensing tips?
-) Does it drip after dispensing? Does it pull strings?

... these are all questions that arise when using a new material.

During a material test, we check the dispensing behaviour of your material with the appropriate dispensing technology.

The costs depend on the customer requirements. The minimum cost is € 300,00.

Your advantages after a material test:

  • if the material can be dispensed with compressed air
  • if the material can be dispensed directly from the original cartridge or must be transferred before
  • if it has to be heated before dispensing
  • how to prevent delay-yield or cob-webbing
  • how long the material needs to cure on the workpiece
  • how long it can be stored in the dispensing cartridge
  • which "dispensing technology" is necessary for this (complete solution including all necessary fastening parts and brackets as well as tubing)
  • which consumables will be used in the dispensing process
  • you can calculate your costs in advance
  • you know all settings regarding pressure, travel speed, tip diameter, cartridge size
  • you can determine the cycle times and the productivity of the automated process


For a test setup we need:

  • the material to be dispensed in the original cartridge (possibly in advance a technical data sheet)
  • some workpiece samples
  • description/sketch, where and how much material should be dispensed
  • some general informations about the planned process:
    • how many workpieces should be loaded per workday with the material?
    • which cycle time should be reached?
    • how much material will be needed per workpiece?
    • is it already done by hand?

Application in the industry:

  • semiconductor
  • PCB-components
  • socketing and bonding
  • LCD-bonding
  • electrical components (such as relays, speakers, batteries)
  • automotive
  • clothing
  • medicine
  • optics

used materials:

  • fats
  • silicones
  • 2k-bondings
  • solder pastes
  • conductive adhesives
  • uv-adhesives
  • epoxy resins
  • sealants
  • other liquid materials


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