About us

Dispensing solutions - precise to the POINT!


From the year 1990 on GONANO Dosiertechnik GmbH has been specializing in the system integration of dispensing technology for low-, medium- and high-viscosity liquids and pasty materials as well as precise dispensing solutions and automation.

Through decades of experience, we know the (flow-) behaviour of many materials used in the automotive, apparel and optical industries; electronics, PCB and semiconductors, potting and bonding, and various other industries. With over 25 years of industry experience we know how to apply controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, oils, greases and other high-performance fluids.
Thanks to this and the willingness of our employees to constantly develop their know-how, we are a renowned partner of the industry and appreciated for our individual and high-quality solutions.

As a user (or potential user) of dispensing systems, you often find yourself confronted with the question if you can use a dispensing system cost-optimally for an application that already exists or one that you have to plan for the future.

Whether you are just looking for better prices for dispensing accessories and consumables (e.g. dispensing tips or syringe barrels) for your ongoing production, or you are looking for automation (e.g. robotics) of your dispensing process - WE CAN HELP!

Benefit from our years of experience in handling dispensing tasks. We can analyze your existing or planned dispensing process and offer you the right dispensing solution for YOUR individual application.

Your GONANO Team look forward to receiving your inquiries!