Benchtop robot 3-axis 30x30cm GP-WRL300

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This benchtop dispensing robot is suitable for all dispensing devices, valves and dispensing... more
Product information "Benchtop robot 3-axis 30x30cm GP-WRL300"

This benchtop dispensing robot is suitable for all dispensing devices, valves and dispensing components of all manufacturers. The self-supporting case is completely made of aluminum and steel, the axes are driven by robust stepper motor with ball-bearing toothed belts.

The workpiece is clamped on the 300 x 300 mm worktop. The worktop moves along with the workpiece in the X-direction, the material to be dispensed is applied to the workpiece from above via the metering unit movable in the Y- and Z-directions (for example metering valve, dispensing cartridge, etc.).

The entire control unit is located in the robot base, which means that the device can be installed in a very space-saving manner. The control unit is programmed via the included Windows PC software. The control unit is able to manage up to 100.000 processing points in 255 different programs. There are 2 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs available for communication between the robot and various external systems.

The device can optionally be equipped with 16 I/O ports and an analogue output (for controlling a volumetric pump).


  • simple operation and commissioning, no programming knowledge required
  • compact, robust and space-saving design
  • user interface in english
  • repeatability +/- 0,1 mm per axis
  • max. speed:
    1 - 250 mm/sec. (X-, Y-axis)
    1 - 100 mm/sec. (Z-axis)
  • workspace: 300 x 300 x 140 mm

Application in the industry:

  • semiconductor
  • PCB-components
  • socketing and bonding
  • LCD-bonding
  • electrical components (such as relays, speakers, batteries)
  • automotive
  • clothing
  • medicine
  • optics

used materials:

  • fats
  • silicones
  • 2k-bondings
  • solder pastes
  • conductive adhesives
  • uv-adhesives
  • epoxy resins
  • sealants
  • other liquid materials


specification GP-WRL300
axis drive 3-axis table robot with ball-bearing toothed belts axes
programming remote mode (self-learning) via PC software, import of profiles from DXF and Gerber Files
control module ALPHA CP RS232 CanOpen® I/O
interpolation point-to-point and continuous path (CP)
Array more
Dimensions: 440 x 645 x 800 mm
Weight [kg]: 32 kg
XYZ Work area [mm]: 300 x 300 x 140 mm
XY-Speed (max.): 1 - 250 mm/s
Z-speed (max.): 1 - 100 mm/s
Load working desk (max.): 5 kg
Max. tool load (Z-axis): 1 kg
Repeatability [mm]: +/- 0,1 mm
Resolution: 0,08 mm
I/O-Ports: 2 Inputs / 4 Outputs