Robot Test-setup

Robot Test-setup
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In a dispensing setup with a robot, we set up your application in our laboratory and dispense... more
Product information "Robot Test-setup"

In a dispensing setup with a robot, we set up your application in our laboratory and dispense your material on your workpiece samples. As part of the test setup, we optimize the process by using the most appropriate valves and also testing the correct settings for pressure, travel speed and tip diameter for your material. We will document the results for you via video and pictures. We will send the workpieces back to you so that you can finalize them. On request, you can also view the dispensing process personally and "live" during a visit to us.

The minimum cost of a roboter testsetup is € 600,00.

Our offer for you:

When placing the order for the robot dispensing solution shown, 50% of the test setup costs will be credited* to the order amount!
*) onetime valid for one tested material and one workpiece sample type


Your advantages after a test setup:

  • You can be sure that your planned automated application is actually working
  • Which "dispensing technology" is necessary for this (complete solution including all necessary fastening parts and brackets as well as tubing)
  • Which consumables will be used in the process
  • You can calculate your costs in advance
  • You know all settings regarding pressure, travel speed, tip diameter, cartridge size
  • You can determine the cycle times and the productivity of the automated process
  • Upon request, we will create the final robot program for you (optional, upon agreement and expense, final workpiece holder compulsory)

 For a test setup we need:

  • The material to be dispensed in the original cartridge (possibly in advance a technical data sheet)
  • Some workpiece samples
  • Description/sketch, where and how much material should be dispensed
  • Some general informations about the planned process:
    • How many workpieces should be loaded per workday with the material?
    • Which cycle time should be reached?
    • How much material will be needed per workpiece?
    • Is it already done by hand?


Application in the industry:

  • semiconductor
  • PCB-components
  • socketing and bonding
  • LCD-bonding
  • electrical components (such as relays, speakers, batteries)
  • automotive
  • clothing
  • medicine
  • optics

used materials:

  • fats
  • silicones
  • 2k-bondings
  • solder pastes
  • conductive adhesives
  • uv-adhesives
  • epoxy resins
  • sealants
  • other liquid materials
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